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9 March 2016

Let There Be Meat

Last week I was invited to a real treat of an event, where not getting dirty was frown upon.
Before you think this blog was heading somewhere different, I mean getting your hands dirty as we woofed down some delicious meat. But I am getting a head of myself- let me take you back an hour or two ago.

A week ago I received an invite to a fairly new restaurant located at the back of The Merrion Centre. Now if you are from Leeds, bear with me here- I didn't actually know there was a back to the The Merrion Centre; the furthest I go is to the Morrison inside. But my eyes were opened to a whole new world when Laura (A Forte For Fashion) and I headed around the back (it is near the arena) and stumbled upon this local BBQ joint. 

We have one very famous BBQ joint (see my post here for more details) and in truth Smoke BBQ are not trying to rival Reds. They have their own unique set up and their own ideas about how they wanna cook their meat. An example of this is there is no gas in the joint, everything is smoked. Not one piece of meat is touched by an oven, which makes the place that little bit special. 

We took our places with fellow bloggers (Deimante and Lorna to name a few) and were introduced to the menu, being advised we would be having a sharing platter between two. Excited to see what the food would be like, we had no idea exactly what we were in store for.

The the food arrived and for the first time ever at a Leeds blogging event we all went quiet....

... so much meat!! 

We were not expecting to receive what was put in front of us and I must have been in shocked because I kept questioning what they told me was a turkey leg was in fact a turkey leg (hello, GOT called. They want their set prop back....) Our meat mountain contained a pull pork burger (delicious), steak, ribs (oh my), chicken thighs, a turkey leg, smoked linked sausage and so much more. The raw slaw was delicious and I could not get over that pull pork burger and the turkey. 

For dessert (we managed to find some room) we tucked into smaller versions of what was on offer. I particularly liked the ice cream and peanut butter tart. Overall, a very successful event, the place itself is lovely, very reclaimed, put together chic. I particularly loved that bathroom where we all had no shame in plugging ourselves and our blogs along their chalk wall. 

If you ever need a cool place to take a man on a date, he will be impress with you if you take him here. 


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