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16 March 2016

Cocktails In The City

So last week I woke up with the sorest head in the world, along with some other bloggers. 

I was lucky to be invited to the Cocktails in the City press event, an amazing event that is being help in Leeds on 7 April this year. The idea is to bring all the different artist of cocktails together to showcase their greatest. 

We arrived at Bar Soba and were shown upstairs for an event that could only be described as a cocktail masterclass mixed with speed dating. The music started and much like the  childhood party game, we rushed to find a seat to try our first day. Around the room we went, slowing getting more tipsy and becoming amateur cocktail masters... 

Now, that amateur barista I was talking about.... 

Now, I wish I could tell you how many of the cocktails are made, but quite simply I got lathered. The majority of the guest did, I mean what do you expect with free cocktails? Bits I remember of the night where that amazing Irish stew pie from Brotherhood (I stole a few and woke up the next day in bed with them) and my sister picking me up after the event to take me to Lincoln for the weekend (so hard to remain sober on the M62- though I bet you wish you were following my Snap Chat at the time. It was hilarious). 

What I do remember though was the event being so enjoyable, education and fun. And that is exactly what the event in April is all about, getting to know local, independant joints and seeing what they are made of. Tickets are going fast, so ensure you click here for more information and grab yours while you can. 

I would love to know though, what is your favourite cocktail? 

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