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4 March 2016

Avo Toast

This is my 'it's Sunday and I will try and make an effort but I really cannot be arsed' look. It looks somewhat presentable but I really couldn't be bothered. Hence why my hair has been thrown up into a ponytail. Though I must say, I am in LOVE with this new t shirt I purchased a week or two ago. Everyone knows how much I love avocado on toast and now I can share this love with everyone. The tee itself is so soft to wear and is that lovely grey colour that you don't see often, Perfect with a pair of black worn in jeans. 

I have also been giving my trainers ago recently. Originally purchased to treck across the Jordanian desert in (see blog posts here), I have now come to love the comfort of these gorgeous shoes. I wear them now practically any chance I get. Maybe I should invest in a black pair no? 


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