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24 February 2016

Sunday Essentials

Sunday is my pamper day. 

That big cleanse, a face and hair mask- general pamper time....

I love a good relaxing Sunday to get all my beauty regime done and dusted. All those little steps to keep my skin looking beautiful and healthy. It also allows me to switch off from the outside world- it's the one day where I promise myself a few hours off from my phone and social media world. 

One thing I cannot do without is a good bath every now and then. For that I have certain things that are a requirement. First and most importantly, entertainment. That comes in the form of Gossip Girl on Netflix (how DARE they remove this as of March!!) or Porter Magazine, I love a good high glossy magazine. Next is the actual bath products and for that I choose The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt- it makes the bath ten times better!! 

You also cannot go wrong with a bath bomb, and there is nothing better than Lush: my faves are Twilight, Ceridwen's Cauldron and Unicorn Horn (amazing!!). 

Once outside the bath, treat your skin to something special. For my face I love the Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Mask, it is so good at getting deep down into my pores, a clearing out all the gunk from the week. I also love for my body Kiehls Creme De Corps Moisturiser. This is great for getting into my skin and providing that relief for dry, dehydrated skin. 

Finally, it is just time to relax. For that I need a good candle, and that comes with Le Labo Laurier 62 Classic Candle. It smells amazing and just creates a gorgeous, relaxing environment. I may do my nails, or catch up on a book. Either way, it is time to switch off before going to bed. I always get some of the best night sleep from that evening. 

What are your Sunday essentials? 


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