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19 February 2016

Instagram Double Clickers

If I was to choose any social media above all the others, it would have to be Instagram. 

I just love it, whether it is sharing my own life or envying others- its a great way of connecting to the someone on the other side of the world.
I love that I can say I have friends on Instagram that I have never met in real life (hopefully one day!) but I know what's going on purely from gorging on their gorgeous images. Some of my favorite posts are when bloggers talk about their most love Instagram accounts that they like to stark, so I thought I might also share mine too. 

You may already be following them, or they maybe someone new, but I hope you find joy in trawling through their images as much as I do. Each account I love for a different reason, so let me waste no time introducing you to them.... 

I don't know when I discovered her account, but I am so glad I did. Her outfit posts are what I aspire to and I just cannot get enough of how she lays out her pictures. For anyone who loves a white background, this is the account for you. 

I don't who who followed who first, but I am so glad I discovered this gorgeous lady. I have never met Sarah in person but I love catching up on what she does through her account and I am so happy she has Snapchat! If you want to see a Ireland at is's best and some serious fashion envy outfit shots (that reversible coat!!) you need to start following her. 

I know, this is a cliche one to follow. But I cannot help myself, I mean- her holiday shots alone make me want to pack up a suitcase and head straight to the airport! I also have major hair envy with this woman's locks, I mean how does she do it?! 

Laura is a fellow Leeds blogger like myself and I just love her Instagram Feed. My favourites are ones of home or beauty products, she has an eye for laying out objects to capture it right in a photograph. Plus if you are looking for Fashion Week news and snaps- she's the person you need to be following. 

I cannot even begin to describe the monochrome love I have for this account. Gorgeous fashion shots, mixed in with some pretty nice New York and Chicago pictures, this makes me want to copy their Instagram theme so badly!!

Another account where I have no idea when I started following her but I am glad I did. For one thing, her shots of coffee put mine to shame and I just love the theme she has going on with her account. She has a nice mixture of layouts, selfies and outfit shots; meaning you are never going to get board of what you are seeing. 

Whilst you are on the lookout for some new accounts to follow, be sure to check out my account and follow! Help me try and achieve my goal of 1,000 followers- it would make my day. Also, please comment bellow with your suggestions- I would love some new accounts to follow. 


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