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16 February 2016

I Think I Am Missing The Bride Gene...

I promised myself that I would not turn this blog into a wedding blog now that I am engaged, but I haven't really address the life changing event to you guys and I could really do with your advice. 

I think I am missing the bride gene....

So congrats to me- I got engaged this month!! I am sure you must have spotted my Instagram picture by now on my account; a few weeks ago my gorgeous man asked me to marry him. Oh course I said yes (I mean three years together- it would have been rude not to). We told my parents, his mum, all our friends and changed our relationship status on our Facebook pages. 

Like the type A control freak I am, I pre- ordered a wedding organiser (It's not yet on sale), stocked up a number of wedding magazines and have ensured my nails are perfectly manicured every Sunday to show off the ring to its best. 

Within the first couple of days of being engaged, the questions began to roll in about 'the big day'. Where were we going to have it? Are we wanting a church ceremony? What dress am I wearing? Are we having a big do? Again, the type A control freak I am decided it wouldn't hurt to start planning, I mean we know we are not going to get married until next year but it means we would have plenty of time to save up (spreading the cost- much cheaper in my eyes) and then I would be sure that I wouldn't have a major freak out halfway down the line. 

Except I think the freak out is happening now. Turns out, whilst I have planned my life with L up until retirement- I have never thought about our wedding. I suppose that' a good thing, that I am now solely focused on just one day- but in all honesty I have no idea what I want in terms of a wedding. The only thing I know are this: I want it small, I want it cheap, I want a good photographer and good food and drink for the guess. 

This is what I mean by missing the bride gene- I really could not care less about the venue, or shock horror, the dress. Now, I know I want to look good and I defiantly do not want a princess puff ball. I noticed this is a theme with me currently, I know what I defiantly don't want, but not what I actually want.
I also thing I am scaring friends and family with some of my ideas- when I suggested to friends I was considering not wearing a traditional wedding dress- I think they were a little confused by it all. We are also considering getting married in New York City- as I am horrified by how much an English wedding costs and that so far from what I have seen- nothing screams amazing to me- just average, conventional and not us as a couple. 

But I can tell you what I am sure on. I am so sure that I am in love with my engagement ring (and yes I am not being conventional and will not be getting a wedding band later on). I am 100% confident that I have found my partner in life and that I want to do everything with him by my side. I am also confident that I am marrying my best friend and that we will be growing old together. 

Maybe I need to tell the type A control freak inside me to take a chill pill. Maybe I shouldn't be so scared that I am not as fully into this wedding stuff as I thought I was. Maybe I should embrace that I am not a traditional bride to be. Whatever happens with our big day- be sure that I will be keeping you in the loop. As I said, this is not going to become a wedding blog (though what are your thoughts on a second blog- champagne wedding, tea budget?!?) but it is a part of my life and I do want to share a few things with you. 

Thanks to anyone who has congratulated me and I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for the wedding.


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