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12 February 2016

Hair Care Love With SHOW Beauty

I am a bit in love with these hair care products... 

Ever since I went to get my hair done at the SHOW Dry hair salon last year, I fell a little in love with the brand. I fell even more with them when they sent me the entire collection of their hair products. I have wanted to do this post for a while, but wanted to make sure my judgement wasn't clouded by pretty bottles and free presents. So I took my time to try everything in order to give my honest opinion. 

The result is my judgement wasn't clouded and the bottles are truly gorgeous! I mean who wouldn't want them stood on your vanity table? Every single product smells amazing and whist not every product works amazingly on me (I found the heat protector didn't do much for my hair, but heat protectors never really do!), there were a few stand out products. 

First off, the Pure Treatment Oil, a leave in, multi- use product that is so lightweight and effortless. Simply add to your wet hair to renew, strengthened and deeply nourished. Then there is the Divine Thickening Lotion, which does wonders for my fine hair. Just a little bit added to the ends and boom! I have gorgeous, thick, glossy hair!! 

Finally you cannot go wrong with Premiere Finishing Spray, which I use sparingly as I love it so much! The smell is amazing, with lychee extract and argan oil. It is my go to product for nights out with the girls! 

All I need now is a date night or an evening on the town, any excuse to go and get my hair done! 


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