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2 February 2016

Decadent Parmesan Eggs

 This is the ultimate decadent breakfast that requires very little effort at all....

In a very rare occasion, I found myself with another weekend off and no plans made what so ever. Determined to enjoy my time off, I ensured I have the required ingredients in before and gave myself a much deserved lie in. After a few hours I pulled myself away from my bed, only to make breakfast- which as soon as it was cooked, I dove right back into with a much loved cup of tea.


(Serves Two)
- 2 eggs
- sour dough loaf
- parmesan
- italian seasoning
- olive oil
- salt and pepper 

- Slice your loaf up to have two slices. Then using a small cup (or espresso mug) cut a hole into the middle of the slices.

- Load up the oil onto your frying pan and once heated, add your bread. Crack your egg into the hole and allow to cook for a few minutes. 

Even bloggers have egg fail sometimes... 

- Sprinkle your Parmesan and seasoning on top of the egg- bread mixture. Pop the pan into the over to all the pre- heated grill to do its magic. 

So simple and yet so delicious. It also looks amazing on your Instagram feed. It also goes perfectly well with a good cup of English Breakfast tea, served from a tea pot. 

Let me know what you think if you try it. Personally, I think it is egg-cellent!! (sorry for the pun.) 

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