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15 February 2016

5 Tips To Help With Blogging When Working Full Time

I would like to point out that I am no blogging expert.

I don't think such a thing exists. Everyone is different, every blogger and even every reader. So the perfect formula for blogging simply doesn't exist. 

There are however tips that can help enhance your blog... 

Working full  time makes me appreciate the time I put into my blog. I don't always want to every hour of my free time blogging- as much as I love it, I do have other things that I like to enjoy (such as brunch, reading and now wedding planning!) 

Like I said, I am no expert; but I have picked up some tips along the way. These have helped me save time but also create better content. Being the lovely person I am, I just couldn't keep this to myself and had to share with you! 

1. Schedule, plan and schedule some more.
I cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver Buffer is to my life! I spend an hour or two a Sunday/ Monday planning my tweets/ Facebook posts for the week. This means that  I am not constantly spending time typing out tweets to boost my posts everyday and I know that they will be up and ready for my readers to see. I paid to see calendar mode which means it is easier to see when I have schedule everything- I am a sucker for anything that lets me see my week out ahead. 

I am also addicted to Trello, thanks to Laura from A Forte For Fashion. This bad boy let me see where my posts are and what is left to do for them. I have several sections focusing on the stages that the blog post takes: To Do, Pictures, Post, Schedule, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Completed. It is so useful so I am able to plan my days off better (need to grab the natural light whenever I can!)

One final point on Scheduling is to be realistic about it. I know that I could not do everyday blogging whilst working full time. That's why I promised myself that five days a week was a realistic goal. Everyone is different, but make sure no matter how regular you want to blog ensure it allows you the best of both worlds. 

2. Know your numbers. 
Blogging is not all about stats, but it's good to know where you stand. Take time to study them and you will learn when is the best time to post and schedule tweets to best engaged your audience. My best time is 8.00 am, I am catching all the commuters on their way to work. 

It will also allow you to plan your posts to fully engage your readers. I know from looking at how you guys react to posts that you love food posts on a Thursday and beauty on a Tuesday. This knowledge lets you know when to sell yourself at your best. 

3. Your iPhone calendar will become your best friend. 
I use to hate using electronic calendars. I am an old- fashion girl, I like pen and paper and I still relish getting my new dairy at the beginning of the year and writing everything down. This is not always the easiest thing to carry around, especially when my bag has to take me to work and straight out to an event that same evening. My iPhone calendar will let me know when is the best time to set off and I can see both my work schedule and my blog- work (for example events, meetings, etc) next to each other. It also means no double booking or only giving myself five minutes to get to a place half an hour away (true story). My digital pal is like my own personal assistant, but without the fetching of the coffee (unless you count the Starbucks App).

4. Switch your brain off at work.
As strange as it sounds, I like coming to work because it allows me to switch off from by blog. My job is so fast moving that I just don't have time to check how many likes a tweet got or how well my blog post is doing. It's the same when I get home from work, I am so invested in my 'second job' that I forget about that bad email I received or that project that is not going my way. It allows me to invest 100% of my effort into each part of my life and that's how I like it. 

5. Write with passion. 
Sound a bit obvious, but if you are not happy with what you are wanting to write about you will not find the time to do the work. Who wants to waste their time on something they only sort of like. Sometimes I don't have the time to put up a post and that's usually because I am simply tired and I am not putting the effort I want to put into it. If you are not enjoying yourself while you type, don't bother finishing it. 


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