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26 January 2016

Top Three Brunch Places In Leeds

You cannot beat Leeds for a good brunch spot.

Leeds has such a delicious variety of brunch spots that it can be hard to choose where to go (much less make a list of your favourite places for a blog post!!) As a self proclaimed brunch queen, I thought it would be best to pass on my knowledge of some of the best places to visit in Leeds to make you choice much easier. So whatever your mood, these places will satisfy the hungriest of stomachs. Here are my top five places to brunch in Leeds City Centre:

A new favourite of mine, this place packs flavour into all their dishes. Unique and trendy, this place is the place to bring your foodie friends to come and enjoy. Enjoy the Corn Beef and Kale Hash, or their ultimate Ricotta Pancakes but the dish you cannot not try is their Korean Fried Chicken: with fried wild rice and kimchi. The coffee is great too, with them using the tried and loved 

This is my ultimate brunch location, it is a 10 minute walk from my flat and has the ultimate cool, relax vibe. Don't be put off by the location, behind the shutters lies a mixture of delicious food and great coffee. The child of Laynes Espresso, their brunch was legendary, hosted once a month at their coffee shops- you had to get there early in order to guarantee a seat. Now they have a permanent home and their brunch is available all week, My favourite dish has to be their Huevos Pobres: black pudding, baked potatoes, creamed leeks, Parmesan and duck eggs. 

This brunch takes me back to Barcelona, simple, delicious tapas style dishes in the coolest Spanish restaurant in Leeds. Tuck yourself into a booth and help yourself to one of their fresh juices whilst you ponder over the menu. Choose one dish for yourself or grab a load of friends and order multiple dishes for you all to share. My favourite has to be the Morchilla: Basque- style black pudding with crunchy hens egg. 

For more brunch places, check out this section on the blog as well as my Instagram for some mouth- watering photos.


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