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8 January 2016

Ox Club Brunch Club

The weekend is upon us, which can only mean one thing- brunch time! And I have a secret brunch place to tell you all about...

Let's be fair, the Ox Club is not that much of a secret anymore. But the location itself is hard to find that if you are not careful you might just find yourself skipping past it!

Located in the new (now not so new) Headrow House on Headrow Road, keep heading up the street until you spot a small gap in the buildings; with a rather pretty gate and some even prettier twinkle lights.. 

Pull up a chair, order your coffee quick, because you are going to need about 2 hours to narrow down what dishes you would like to try. With so many good options on the menu to choose from, it's hard to just stick to one dish. 

I went with the Corned Beef and Kale Hash (minus the Corn Beef on this occasion) with poached eggs and chimichurri. A great savory dish, the saltiness mixed well with the runny deliciousness of the egg yoke. Though, compared to my fellow, I chose very poorly...

Korean Fried Chicken anyone? Combined with fried wild rice, kimchi, pickled cucumber and eggs, it was a dish from the gods and left my choice very much in the dark. Not one for loosing, I chose another dish to sample to see if I could bring the win back for myself. 

When in doubt, always order pancakes.

Or if you are at the Ox Club, order the Ricotta pancakes, with honeycomb, blueberries, wildflower honey, creme fraiche. Sweet, cheesey goodness that just oozes out onto your plate. Mopped up with both pancake and honeycomb- what more could you ask for?!?

Remember, this place is a secret- though I doubt for much longer!! Keep your eyes open for it and remember- get their early on a Weekend! 


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