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5 January 2016

New Year Stationary Haul

Any excuse for some new stationary!

I constantly need a diary everywhere I go! I can't live without some form of noting my day or knowing what is happening. I know what you are going to say- why not use an electronic form? Simple answer is that I am old fashion and I love writing things down. It manages to stick in my head more. 

I discovered this website from one of my favourite bloggers Rosie Londoner. Kikki.K is a fantastic little store with some of the prettiest stationary ever! There are two things that I will continuously purchase in January- A diary and a calendar.

I am in love with my calendar, it is a gorgeous one with gold bits and a beautiful water-paint background. It allows you to tear off each month as you finish and it hangs perfectly our wall. You can find it here on their website- and get it fast!! I have a feeling they will disappear very quickly!! 

My diary is my favourite yet- a gorgeous white book with copper detailing. The dairy is a wellness diary, so not only do I plan my day/ week/ life; it also reminds me to find time for myself to ask myself important questions to help with my personal wellness and being healthy and happy. I didn't really purchase it for the wellness side of it (I thought it was a little hippy) but it is actually really helpful; February has reminders for exercise and how much water you have drank- which is actually really helpful to me! 

I am so in love with my stationary haul! Who doesn't love a good haul? I highly recommend checking out the Kikki.K website, they have some gorgeous bits including pens, sticky notes, mugs (though I am not allowed them because to quote L 'We have far to many already')- it's a website that would rival Kate Spade!! Delivery was not too bad either, I ordered these on Christmas Eve and they arrived by the 29 December on standard delivery! 

Let me know if you picked up any pieces from the website- I love a good nosy into a haul!! 


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