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20 January 2016

My Top Four Healthy Eating Cookbooks

I am really trying to get a start on this healthy eating bandwagon this month....

I know, so typical. Healthy eating in January- so original. But I like January for new starts and fresh beginnings. I am normally quite a healthy eater- I love veggies and never have ready meals; but I know I could be a lot more healthier than I am now.

I have many bloggers who inspired me with healthy recipes but I do love a good cookbook. They look so pretty on my bookcase and there have some really interesting recipes in them. To start off your collection, here are my top 4 cookbooks you should own:

Anna Jones- A Modern Way to Eat. 
This is a great book for anyone doesn't eat a lot of meat. It also gives you some great interesting ideas for any friends who a vegetarian's you might have over for dinner. A great cookbook for all your veggie needs.

Ella Woodward- Deliciously Ella.
This book is great for sweet treats and snack ideas. I am in love with the Sweet Potato Brownies- a deliciously devilish treat! It also explains the importance of healthiness and being in tune with your body.

Madeleine Shaw- Get the Glow. 
This is my favourite healthy cookbook. It's great as a starter book, slowly introducing you into a healthy lifestyle, rather than giving up everything straight away and potentially falling off the wagon. The breakfast options are my favourite- along with the speedy dinners.

Yotam Ottolenghi- Plenty. 
Another great vegetarian book- this one allows you to create dishes straight out of a restaurant. Split into different cooking methods (steam, boil, roast, etc) the dishes are simple but look complex. Perfect for a healthy dinner party.

What are your favourite healthy cookbooks?


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