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25 January 2016

Getting The Royal Treatment With Olaplex*

We all need a bit of TLC...

For me, nothing beats going to the hairdressers for a bit of pamper time. It's the one time I allow myself to switch off and have some me time. My friends know I love to go on my own and know not to bother me- they wont get an answer anytime soon.

For one day only, I broke my rule and allow my boyfriend (I say allow, I dragged him down) along with my camera to help me document my salon ways. Today was a special treat, I was being invited to a Architect Hair Salon in Headingley (along Otley Road) to test drive the Olaplex treatment. 

Now I had heard of Olaplex before (I knew Kim Kardashian had used it- and that's it!) but I didn't really have a huge amount of knowledge about the product. Turns out Olaplex is the next big thing in hair care and colouring. In a nutshell, Olaplex is a turbo- charged conditioning treatment that repairs disulphate sulfur bonds within the hair structure, which can be broken down by heat, colouring and other chemical treatments.

Basically the holy grail for hair colour, if you troll through YouTube you will find loads of videos of people talking about how they had it with bleaching and their hair didn't break. Now when I got invited to Architect Hair Salon to try a complimentary treatment I didn't try it as part of getting my hair colour. Instead it tried it as a conditioning treatment, to give my fine hair some balls and treat it to some TLC. Fingers crossed, I headed over to the sink to have the first part of the treatment applied...

 Firstly we started with the Olaplex Bond Multiplier from root to tip, which was let on for five minutes. I kind of expected for my scalp to hurt and sting from the chemicals much like when I get a toner, but surprisingly, nothing. No nasty smell, not even a tingle. The product itself is free from silicone, sulfates and aldehydes so it was as mild as water.

Next, the Bond Perfector was applied to my locks for a double whammy of repairing benefits. I was left to cook for a further 20 minutes to give my hair the full royal treatment. If I had a colour treatment, the Olaplex could have been added to the dye for simultaneous results, stopping any damage at the source. That's how Kim Kardashian was able to achieve the bleach blonde she went back in the summer of 2015 (I wanted that look so badly!)

Soon the timer went off, which means it was time to rinse off the Bond Protector and see the results. One big bouncy blow dry later, and my hair was completed. It was so soft to touch and had such a lovely bounce and feel to it. The real wow moment was when I washed it the next day. My hair suddenly had so much life and bounce to it. It also felt just as strong and healthy, as I had just had it done at the hair salon.

Olaplex treatment lasts as long as you can leave your hair, basically until your next colouring or treatment. I am definitely booking in for another treatment, my ultimate beauty goal for this year is to get super long, bouncy hair. To help with this, I also took away with me the Olaplex at home treatment, simply slather your hair in the stuff, leave in your hair overnight and wash off the next day for a booster of TLC to your locks.

Olaplex starts from around £40.00 in majority of salons, with the take home treatment from £30.00. I am absolutely in love with this stuff and so glad I got the opportunity to test it out.

Have you tried Olaplex? What do you think of it? 

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