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4 January 2016

Brunch With Gails

I have found my new favourite brunch place in Chelsea...

I know, what about Tom's Kitchen? And yes it will hold a special place in my heart, but Gail's was a place L and I were not planning to go but just happen to stumble on escaping the cold and we both just fell in love with it. 

I think there are a few of these around London, but to us tourist this was a first. Gail's is both an Artisan bakery and a brunch cafe- serving a variety of brunch favourites. It's a quaint little place just on the corner of Kings Road. 

The chap went for a bit of a fry up, I went for a savory pancake. It was delicious, I never thought I would like a pancake that wasn't covered in syrup or Nutella. Made with peppers, sweetcorn and other veggies, loaded with sour cream and guacamole. It was amazing and something that I vowed to copy once I got home. 

The perfect little bakery, tucked away on one of Chelsea's busiest roads. Go give a try, just don't tell too many people, I want to make sure it's nice and quiet again when I next go in! 


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