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14 January 2016

Brunch With Archie's

I can't help myself, but I have found ANOTHER place to go for brunch!! 

Let's face, I am a brunch addict. It's my favorite meal and I am constantly looking for different places to visit. Leave it to my friend Amy to suggest of a place I have never heard of before. Archie's is located on Granary Wharf (south of the Train Station) so it's not too far to walk to from town and in a gorgeous location. It looks a lot smaller than it is (it has a huge upstairs to it) and full for that rugged, industrial charm- perfect for that weekend brunch. 

If in doubt, go with a Full English. Mine was the veggie whilst Amy went for the meaty version (though we did swap our mushrooms and black pudding over...) The food is cooked to perfection, exactly what you want in a breakfast. The place is also available for lunch and dinner so I definitely need to go another visit. 

Sorry for a small post again, but I couldn't resit again keeping this to myself! If you do visit, do let me know what you think and what you had for breakfast- I love being nosy!! 


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