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6 January 2016

2016 Blog Goals

New year, new beginnings....

Last year I set myself some life goals or a 2015 Bucket List as I call it (still one of my most popular posts ever!) This year I am setting myself a little more of a challenge and hope by announcing the goals on here I will actually achieve them.

I know you shouldn't set big blog goals- as you should let it natural grow. But sometimes it is good to challenge yourself and I would love to see what I could do with this blog and how far I could go with it. So with this in mind, here are my 2016 blog goals...

Twitter Followers
I would like to aim for 2,000 twitter followers, which seams crazy as I am only 700 as I write this, but I do think it is achievable. Twitter is the main place that I write about my blog/ let you readers know about posts- so make sure you are following me here for updates!

Create an Instagram Theme
Sounds odd but I don't think I have an Instagram theme, which for an app that I am addicted to I really should!! I love Vivianna Does Make Up theme as well as Lily Pebbles, Rosie Londoner and a fellow blogging friend of mine Laura Cinnamon. I love the white background theme ones but I also love vivid colour ones- so I think I am going to have to do some soul searching (and some stalking) to find my groove. If you are not following me on Instagram already, you can find me here.  

Blog Every Weekday
I was so good at this in 2014 and then life got really busy in 2015 and it really fell apart towards the end. Since Christmas Day I have been working none stop to get my blog back up and running, scheduling like a mad woman and getting everything sorted. This will be the year of every weekday blogging!! 

Get My Blog's Facebook Off The Ground
In case you didn't know, my blog does have it's own Facebook page, but I hardly ever use it. This year though, I am planning on doing more things with it, like a special Facebook only giveaway, special pictures you will only find there and more interactive with where you can buy certain pieces of clothing I am wearing from. Let me know in the comments bellow (or better yet on the Facebook page!) what you would like to see on there! 

Double My Blog Views
from 2014- 2015 30,000 people read my blog. I set myself the goal to double this by the end of 2015 and achieved that goal by September. This year I am setting myself the exact same goal and I am hoping to do it a lot sooner. There will be a very special giveaway if I achieve it before September- so get sharing this blog and passing it along to people who may be interested in what I am writing about to activate it sooner! 

Travel More With The Blog
Last year I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Jordan with the magazine that I write for House of Coco. This year I would like to extend this to my blog and hopefully have a few opportunities to travel. I love travelling and experiencing new things and you guys loved all my travelling posts, including the ones on Barcelona. I have a lovely hotel review happening at the end of the month so keep you eyes peeled out for this! 

Many More Giveaways! 
Who doesn't love a good giveaway? I have set myself a little giveaway budget (it's all my own pennies!) to have a few giveaways set up throughout 2016. Some will be blog based, some will be Facebook, Twitter and a few Instagram ones also. Let me know what you would like to have as part of the giveaway, after all this is for you to win! 

I hope you like my 2016 blog goals. Let me know what your blog goals are and where I can find your blogs- I am always interested in finding new ones! 


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