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27 May 2015

JOMO Night In with Ladbrokes Bingo*

In the social media world we live in, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is now a recognise social angst. Chances are if you are checking social media for what your friends (or even strangers) are up to more than checking in with your family, you might have a slight case of FOMO. But don't worry, there is a cure for this which I found out thanks to Ladbrokes Bingo...

25 May 2015

Leeds Indie Food Festival 2015

May has been my favorite month in Leeds. Forget Leeds Festival coming up in August, Leeds Indie Food Festival that no one was missing out on....

13 May 2015

My £200 Lip Collection...

Do you ever have those days when you starting at your online bank account, looking at your current balance and wondering 'where the hell does all my money go?!?' Well I only have to take a glance to my left and look at my makeup collection to realise why... 

12 May 2015

Spiced Lamb Skewers

I am so happy I have found the perfect recipe for the summer!! Not only is it healthy and easy to make, it is also perfect for either having on your own or making a big batch for a summer barbecue....


11 May 2015

Green Tea For Your Skin?

Everyone knows that green tea is good for your body, but who knew you could apply it straight to your skin!!

7 May 2015

Double Denim Entendre

One of the perks of being British is we get the occasional Bank Holiday off. Since summer is around the corner, we have quite a few coming up one after another....

6 May 2015

The Best Concealor or For Hiding Bruises And Scars?

So I had a bit of an accident last week that left me with a nasty bruise and head injury for the majority of last weekend....

5 May 2015


Today's post is part two of my #perfectporridge challenge. My (not so) secret mission, to make porridge less boring and kick start breakfast's again- thanks to Flahavan's

4 May 2015

The Perfect Workout/ Gym Playlist


I wish this picture was me!! Some day though, for now I will have to work with what I got and be excited to see the results once it starts to kick in. 

Motivation is hard, and with me that involves music....
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