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31 March 2015

A Guide To Studying For Your Exams, From A Gradate Who Has Been There

Around Leeds, there a many young people who have the same look about them; ashy grey faces from lack of sleep, twitching eyes from too much reading and outfits that they (if they were actually awake and not half asleep) would not be seen dead in....

27 March 2015

Cinnamon Swirls

Whilst I have been trying to stay healthy, Sometimes you have to treat yourself to something a little sweet...

26 March 2015

The Little Black Classics

They say The little Black dress is a classic timeless piece that will never go out of style. Well, I am thinking this will be the same for these little 'Black Classics'...

25 March 2015

Britain From Above

Ever wanted to know what Britain truly looks like? Then you need to head down to this exhibition....

24 March 2015

Avocado On Toast Avec Poach Eggs

Recently I have been embracing a healthier lifestyle than I use to live (hello gym sessions!) and as a beloved breakfast/ brunch lover (you guys must be no stranger to my brunch Instagram shots...) So to satisfy my cravings, I have been investing in searching for new and healthy brunch ideas and came across this oldie but delightfully delicious goodie....

23 March 2015

How The Love Trinity App Rocks If You Love Shopping

Calling all you shopping addicts out there based in Leeds! I have an app for you that is totally NOT going to help you obsession....

20 March 2015

CBLT Salad (Oh Yer!)

Friday nights are for comfort food. Ain't no one got time to go gourmet and get fancy, sometimes after working after a long week at the office, you want something quick and easy. Now, if you are like me and are on a health kick, quick and easy is either A. not healthy or B. not comforting. Enter a new dish for the blog that I just whipped together and hit the spot perfectly!

17 March 2015

Cocktails At Angelica

Last Tuesday the kind people at Ladbrookes invited me to a lovely event to celebrate the start of Cheltenham Races at a Bloggers Night. Amie and I got ourselves glamerous, went to Pintura Kitchen for some dinner (if you haven't heard about the place, you can read about it here) and set off the event. 

The email read Revolution Deansgate. Now baring in mind I am not from Leeds, And I new the Revolution at the bottom of town was on Call Lane, I assume that the top town Revolution was Deansgate.....

16 March 2015

Luscious Lips, Thanks To Lush

Recently my lips have been suffering from the weather. When the seasons change and the weather turns from cold to hot- and then back again- my lips become quite chapped and sore. Believe me when I say I have tried every product under the sun and I think I have finally found the products (and the brand) that actually work!

15 March 2015

Mothering Sunday

It's Mothering Sunday here in England and unfortunately I cannot spend the day with my mummy as I would like to. It is not all sad though- I will certainly see here when I return home next month, arms full of presents for her and my sister (it's her birthday this month too). 

11 March 2015

The Best of Netflix

Ever since my boyfriend signed up for this monthly deal, we have both been addicted to Netflix. We have ever possible program we could think off available, and even some new ones that you wouldn't even think of watching....

10 March 2015

The Opening of Pintura | Leeds Trinity

I am sorry for the lack of writing; as always my 'real' life caught up with me and my digital life was put on hold. But I am back now and better than ever. 

Now that the boring introduction is over and done with, let me get down to an exciting new place that has just opened up here in Leeds. I was invited with a couple of my friends to the soft opening; wonderful food and exquisite cocktails all with a unique food which is truly a work of art...

2 March 2015

Sweet Potato Brownies

No you are not reading this post incorrectly. As you may or may not know I am trying to cut sugar out of my life and I have found the perfect 'sweet' treat to curb my cravings and give me a 'chocolately' pick me up...
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