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30 January 2015

L Birthday Celebrations

Apologies for the lack of posts these past few days, I have been so busy making plans, doing things and going places (more on these last two later next week...) However I thought I would show you the photos I took of L's 30th Birthday celebrations. It was such a good night! You know those nights where everyone comes together, there's good food and good times? These were one of those nights....

26 January 2015

Happy 30th Birthday L

Happy 30th birthday to my gorgeous boyfriend and my partner in life, L. You are such a wonderful person and I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have met you. I feel even more honoured that out of everyone, you chose to be with me. 

I hope the next 30 years of your life bring you success, luck and happiness. Above all, I hope you know just how truly loved you are by everyone you know.

Happy birthday Boo. xxx


How To Shop For Vintage China

Anyone who truly knows me knows I love purchasing vintage china. The only issue is at this at the current moment in time is the fact that our flat is far too small for us to even store anything new for the home (much less anything old and vintage; which is probably why my addiction to beauty and clothes has significantly increased in the last few months.....

23 January 2015

Bloggers In The Spotlight | Lily Pebble's Brookies

Bloggers are great for inspiration, great bloggers are a valuable resource. This blogger is no different and when I was bored one weekend, I log onto her website and found a sweet recipe to pass the time away and something delicious to nibble on....

21 January 2015

What's In My Everyday Bag | Video


Twisted Burgers At Jake's Bar

So on Saturday a small group of  us had a plan to go out and get some food. Fixing my hair and putting on a cute outfit, I headed out into the night to meet the gang. 

Then it started to snow. 

And without a hat or any form of proper snow- weather attire, I ended up looking like this and settling in for a night of pure comfort food. And the boys knew just the place we NEEDED to go.....

20 January 2015

My Little Engery Box From My Little Paris | Contents Spoiler

WARNING: Do not read this post if you have not received your box yet and want to be surprised! Once you have, do come back and share in the joy of what's inside....

19 January 2015

La Bottega Milanese

I honestly cannot remember if I had already wrote about this place previously on the blog, but with it being such a brilliant place, it felt wrong not to have a place on the blog....

14 January 2015

Health & Fitness Update

Last night Amie and I went to the gym and it sort of inspired me to write a post updating you on my health and fitness...

13 January 2015

Must Read Books Right Now: Past and Present

January is for new starts, but I like to think that it's also for looking back and mixing up the old with the new....

12 January 2015

Coffee Shop Etiquette

Coffee shops are my safe places. They are the places I like to go to on my days off and disappear from the world for an hour to two. It's also a place for friends to catch up on the musings of the week just gone, family's to spend time together while the adults get fixed up on a coffee boost and for weary shoppers to dump their bags while they regain their strength.

9 January 2015

Why I Am Giving Up Beauty & Fashion For Two Months

Before you think I am going mad and start running for another style and beauty blog, let me explained....

8 January 2015

Ikea Homeware Haul

So on my day off I may have treated myself to some homeware items...

7 January 2015

Dinner With Five Guys

For those who do not know about this place, I am about to introduce you to burger heaven....

6 January 2015

Poached Eggs and Spinach Salad

This salad is perfect for anyone who is wanting to kick start a healthy January and chukka full of super goodness! 

5 January 2015

2015 Bucket List

Let's face it, if you have seen my Spring, Summer and Autumn  To Do List posts; you have rubbish I am at keeping up with hitting resolutions/ goals.....

2 January 2015

Family Lunch At Carluccio's Lincoln

I am not one to normally go to big chain restaurants, but Carluccio's happens to be my mum's favorite place in Lincoln, so whilst I was at home over the Christmas holiday my sister and I decided to treat my mum to some lunch out.

1 January 2015

Year One

Today is Champagne Lifestyle's first birthday.
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