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3 December 2015

The Hedonist Project

There is a new pop up bar in Leeds, and I cannot wait to tell you about it!

The Hedonist Project is a one off concept in which the group join in collaboration to create a unique business venture. This time around The Hedonist Project and Scotch whisky powerhouse Diageo going forces to bring us the perfect winter warmer. 

Featuring a selection of over 60 fine whiskies (that's a whole lot of drink!), the bar pays tribute to rural Scottish heritage with a warm and cosy feel. It is the perfect place to take someone on a winter first date. But enough about the bar- lets talk bout the cocktails....

All the cocktails are unique and original- including this one above named Oban- Wan Kenobi (unfortunately the Star Wars reference was lost on me). The drink itself is made with Oban Whisky, a 'death star' ice cube (again, no clue) and salted fudge. Whilst the inspiration meant nothing to me, the drink itself is gorgeous!! I would recommend ordering it! 

You can check out The Hedonist Project on twitter for more information. They are only around for three months and they are starting a brunch menu- which I cannot wait to try out!! 

Thank you to The Hedonist Project for the invite!! 


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