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8 December 2015

Take The #ChiaBiaChallenge*

I am never one to turn down a challenge...

So when Chia Bia challenged me to try Chia Seeds in my diet for two weeks and see what the difference was- I jumped at the chance. After all, what is not to like? Someone providing me with ingredients to create healthy breakfasts to really kick start my day. 

Except this was the challenging part. I love a good morning routine, but in the last couple of months- this hasn't really involved breakfast. I will either skip it, replace it with coffee or simply have some kids cereal full of E numbers. Brunch is the only time I really have a healthy breakfast, as many places use good, local produce. 

This is where Chia Bia stepped in. Rest assured I was told, all I would need to do is sprinkle a table spoon of these tiny seeds onto my breakfast in the morning and I would be rewarded with more energy, a healthier body without sacrificing taste. 

I was meant to write this post a while ago, but you see- I have to restart my two weeks so many times! I would go a day or two of doing really well and then, I was back to square one with the honey balls or just my usual three cups of coffee in the morning (I wish I was joking). 

Something about my impending 25th birthday spurred me into action. Maybe it was realising that I could no longer rely on my genetics or my 20- something metabolism. If I wanted to live a good life for the next 25 years- I was going to have to turn it around. Now I don't junk food all the time, or live off ready meals. If you look at some of my favorite meals, I am pretty darn good with the nutritious meals. It's just that I am not sensible with my snacks and I think part of that is I do not drink enough water and I don't set myself up for a good start to the day. 

As someone who would rather spend a lifetime shaving Donald Trump's chest than give up my cup of coffee in the morning- the best was to us the coffee as a reward. Simply putting it- if I made sure I had a healthy breakfast, I could treat myself to that delicious caffeine.

So why are Chia Seeds so important to this healthy start? Well quite simply, for a lazy person like me, they are effortless. They require no prep and can go with so many things. Take for example my usual avocado on toast. Sprinkle these bad boys on top and you are good to go. Overnight oats can be prepped in under 10 minutes the night before all you have to do is add in Chia Seeds.

I wish I could say this challenge didn't work so that I could go back to living my unhealthy lifestyle. But no, actually eating right makes a difference (boo!). These nutrient powerhouse really woke my body up; they provided me with OMEGA 3, Protein, Fibre and Antioxidants- things I am pretty sure I was lacking before. They were easy on the digestive system (being so small) which meant no drawbacks to making this sudden healthy change. The long short is this- I am now addicted to this stuff. So much so, my body now craves it first thing in the morning. It's become part of my nightly routine to prep my overnight oats mixed in with Chia Seeds and it's fun working out which fruit taste better with it.

Top marks to Chia Bia, they have really opened up my eyes to something that I wouldn't have really considered before. And the fun does not stop there. Be sure to checkout the blog next week where I am going to provide you with three festive recipes that all use this bad boy of a super food in some way. Have an idea of how I can use it? Pop your idea in the comments down below or better yet- tag me on twitter using the hashtag #ChiaBiaChallenge. 

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