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24 December 2015

Signing Off For Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve!! 

is just a quick post to say I am signing off for the Christmas period. L and I are heading back down to Lincoln for the weekend ready for some festive fun. I cannot wait for Turkey day!! 

So there will be no more posts most likely for the rest of this year, I am starting a fresh in 2016- much more regular and much more interesting for you guys to ready. Be sure to follow me on Snap Chat as I will be #Snapvlogging over the festive period; my username is ellenorsworld. There will also be Instagram and oh course Twitter- which I will let you know when the next post will be out! I should imagine there will be an additional posts, but I don't want to promise you guys anything in case I don't. Really, I just want to relax and recuperate this Christmas break, so I am on top form for next year. I have so many ideas and goals for next year, are you ready for this guys? 

One final thing, thank you to all my readers for being so loyal. Some of the things that I have manage to get up or try I would have never had the opportunity if it weren't for you guys. I would love to know how long you have been reading for and what type of posts you like the most and where are you from; I love finding these things out! Be sure to comment down bellow so I can find out!!

Right, I am ready to finish packing, gathering the presents together and prepping the outfits ready. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful time. 


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