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17 December 2015

Family Favourites With Linda Barker

Are you ready for some more festive baking on the blog today?

I was so lucky to be invited by Wren Kitchens Head Office for an evening of live baking presented by the gorgeous Linda Barker. Yes, the Linda that I grew up watching on TV. Dream come true in my eyes!! 

Linda showed us three different bakes: banana bread, marble cake and my favourite Christmas bake... mince pies. The whole idea behind the project was to show off your family favourite dishes- those dishes that you cannot wait to come home to. Mine happens to be anything to do with a roast chicken, in particular my Spring One Pot Roast. Anything to do with a gorgeous roast chicken has me right in my comfort zone!! 

It was one of the loveliest blogging evenings I had ever been to. It was lovely learning about different tricks of the trades, speaking to Linda herself and learning about her passion for this business and everything interiors.

Also, I could not leave without getting a Selfie (cause, you know- my "mum" really wanted one...)

Thank you again to Wrens Kitchens and Linda Barker for a lovely evening. Tell me, what's your family favourite recipe?


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