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7 December 2015

A Day In Chelsea

Chelsea is my favorite place in London...

I mean sure, I love Soho with the shops and Liberty, but Chelsea is more up my high maintenance ally. There is just so much culture, art, vibrancy and well Harrods. 

So oh course when we visited London, we had no choice but to have a least one brunch in Chelsea. And I knew the perfect place to go....

I went for the healthy version. Not- french toast all the way!! It was delicious, sweet and hit the spot perfectly. 

All washed down with a good cup of tea... 

Can't beat a good cup of tea. 

After filling up our boots, we headed out for a day of adventure. 

The amount of times I have been to London, I have never been to this place- which is quite odd. The building is beautiful and historical, and it is full of amazing unique creatures.....

.... much like me!!!

I don't know why I have ever been to The British Museum. It such a historical place and gorgeous!!! The architecture itself just allows loads of light to flood in and the place is just so bright and welcoming. 

Whilst I really wanted to see the different animals on show, there was one exhibition that L could not miss.....

Take your time wondering around this place- it's free entry so you might as well take advantage of it. We were there for hours, roaming in and out of rooms, from animals to an exhibition about life (warning! Graphic, though I learnt that L and would have bendy thumb children- go visit to see what I mean)

You know what this place is also go for?

Outfit photos....

All this excitement under the watchful eye of Darwin.

Another perfect day in London, what's not to love? 


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