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17 November 2015

The Great Revolt | Jordan

Who knew that camping in the desert would involve stepping back in time to an important time in history...

I woke up having the best snooze, to the sun streaking through my tent. As I continued to lay on the bed, watching the world go by and listening to the atmosphere, the sound of other campers getting up was my signal to join them. And when a blogger has limited resources, you have to work with what you got to ensure your make up is even!

There is nothing better than the natural sun light. 

Today was another adventure, this time involved a bit of history. Ever heard of The Great Arab Revolt? No, me either but it is fascinating to hear about!  

The Great Arab Revolt was between 1916- 1918, initiated by the Sherif Hussein bin Ali with the aim of securing independence from the ruling Ottoman Tursk and ccreating a single unified Arab state. And today, us bloggers and press got to take part in the revolt. 

On this old fashion steam train.

It was magical. We settled on the train, everyone up and about taking pictures and getting that perfect shot. I took a few, but ultimately, I sat back a reflected on how amazing this trip was and watched the scenery go by. 

Suddenly, out of no where we heard gun shots!! Fear not, we were not being attacked but rather taking part in a reenactment of The Great Arab Revolt. Locals from the area volunteered to take part and to bring this bit of history to life. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the show, so realistic, dramatic and educational. It's so sad that this is not shown regularly as the number of volunteers they need outweigh the number of visitors they receive. Which is sad as the country is so gorgeous and needs more visitors!!    

I hope you are enjoying the Jordan travels so far. I am so in love with this country and I just want to show it off to all!! 


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