Ellie Goes To Jordan

Finally, I have finally managed to get up my Jordan adventures on the blog!!

I was back in the country for just over 24 hours from Barcelona when it was time to begin a new adventure. Cue four rounds of washing, hanging, ironing, a frantic run around town, more packing, waking up at the crack of dawn, crying uncontrollably on the coach down to London whist catching up on GBBO because I was that tired (I had to lie to the old lady next to me and say I was missing my boyfriend) before I finally arrived at Heathrow Airport….

I met my group and we headed to the plane. A five hour flight later and a very long car drive in the worse traffic I have ever seen, we finally were shown to our rooms where I proceeded to crawl into my king size bed for a good snooze, ready to start our adventure in Amman, Jordan. 
I was in The Middle East thanks to my amazing editor Laura who offered for me to go on a press trip to Jordan for her magazine: House of Coco. Because she is that much of an amazing editor, she has allowed me to feature my travels on my blog also. There won’t be as much detail here as there will be in the article, so keep you eyes for the Autumn edition for extra details you wouldn’t find here. 
Our first day was exploring the capital city and boy, did the city have a lot to offer…

Downtown Jordan is beautiful to explore. It’s not the old worldly markets you might have been imagining and yet it is not super modern. There is a real sense of Middle Eastern culture, that just sucks you in and makes you want to explore more….

Especially the ancient city ruins. This is Amman’s amphitheater, a little reminder that the Roman’s weren’t just based in Europe….

This is Amman citadel, situated on top of a huge hill that originally made up Amman. The site includes the ruins of a temple of Hercules (including the remains of his hand) and the museum of Jordan which has ancient artifacts.
After a day of exploring the city, there was a serious need for some food!! Luckily we were heading to Grandma’s House, so we knew it was going to be home cooked and delicious!!!  

Biet Sitti translate to Grandma’s House. The cooking school is an education organisation that allows the public to learn how to cook traditional Arabic dishes. They also help to empower local women in the area to learn new skills and help with local businesses.
Much to our surprise we are going to have get our hands dirty and cook the dish with the other press groups that were on the trip with us. 

Let’s remember that I am English and not use to heat (it was in the 30’s at the time of visiting) so I went a little loopy…

We loaded our plates with traditional food, a light summer dish, mint and cucumber salad (love!) and fried bread. I woofed it down like their was no tomorrow, no sure if it was a combination of jet lag and heat but I sort of entered a mini food coma after the meal. 
The rest of the day was spent relaxing at the hotel in Amman, ready for tomorrow’s adventures. I hope you liked this first installment of my Jordan adventures, it was a long time coming! I cannot wait to show you the rest of my adventures, keep an eye out the next couple of days for the upcoming posts!