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16 November 2015

Desert Life | Wadi Rum

Let's go on an adventure together....

After a whole lot of fun exploring Petra the day before, I woke up in my hotel room to find myself surrounded by the desert. I kept forgetting that the more we go into Jordan's countryside we aren't going to see luscious green fields.. No Jordan's countryside is the desert itself and the vast landscape is beautiful. 

After having my usual cup of tea and a quick bite to eat it was time for us to head on a mini adventure again. But not before stopping off at a view point to take advantage of the landscape.

Meet the gang everyone.

Our first stop was just down the road from where we visited the day before. You may have heard about Big Petra, but I bet you have never heard about Little Petra...

Back in the day, foreigners were not allowed into Petra, so the residence created mini Petra, again a small city built into the mountain. Here there was a hotel, bank and trading area so foreigners could bring their goods and trade with the residences of Petra. There is a small passage still back into the city of Petra, which was secret to all, expect if you lived there. How very sneaky of them! 

Petra is a nice little place to wonder around, but for anyone who loves art history, you are in for a treat.

Little Petra is host to some of the oldest oil paintings in the world. Beautiful and elaborate painted decoration inspired by nature. The art student inside me was freaking out- I would have loved to have seen  this while I was study!

After a good much around- we were back in the car and heading further into the desert. This time we were right in the heart of the Wadi Rum Desert, a vast landscape filled with red- coloured sand. Our home for the evening was Captains Desert Camp. 

Yes guys, this blogger was camping for the night. And here is how I rocked up to the campsite....

As you can see, I was quite a fish out of water and gave the locals a good laugh.

The camp looks rustic, but each tent comes with a proper bed and the staff on site are very helpful and keen to do whatever is needed to ensure you have a comfortable stay. This did not make me feel any less easy about it- but that's me being high maintenance. My idea of glamping is when the hotel does not provide white sheets on their beds- so I was a fish out of water! That and just as we arrived a sand storm began just as we arrived- well you can't blame a girl for feeling a little uneasy!

However, this girl was on an adventure, and if the adventure involved camping- this blogger was going to do it. After dropping off our bags, it was time for the real exploring and fun to begin! 

It as time to jeep trekking.

Best. Time. Ever!!!

After driving around through the desert, we settled at a mini camp with some Arabic tea- which I believe is normal tea is spiced with Cardamom. It's actually really nice and tasty- sweet but a lovely little kick. 

Tea was required though, as I needed to calm myself down about how excited I was for the next adventure. The jeep had to be abandon and new method of transport had to be found....

This blogger went camel riding!!!

And yes.... this blogger was excited but absolutely petrified!!

So I need to clarify, the camel getting up is fine, I was working that camel as if I was on my own fashion shoot. The camel going down however, I nearly crapped myself. It is the scariest thing in the world. 

When we got back to camp we ate a lot of local food, danced the night away and prepared for a sleep in the middle of the desert. 

Want to know if I survived or not? You will need to check into the next post on the Jordan adventures to find out....

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