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30 November 2015

Christmas At Pintura

It is finally time to get all Christmassy and festive on the blog! 

Are you read to get wrapped up and cosy? 

Oh course not! Because it is only the start of winter, and it is far to early to start hibernation from the world. But it is extremely cold. so lucky for you and me there is a place we can go to and warm our cockles (such an English saying!) 

Pintura is a favorite place of mine to visit (see here and here for previous posts) so when I got invited to test out some festive new cocktails and sample their new Christmas menu, how could I resist! The place is in the perfect location in town- tucked away behind Trinity and is a maven made up of 4 floors of great food and gin! 

Let's talk about their gin. Recently they went to London and visited the Portabello Road Gin Head Office/ Distillery. Not only did they get to sample some of the best Gin you can get in the UK but they also got the chance to make their own! A festive fest, the gin is infused with cinnamon and other great Christmas tastes. It's sweet, get spicy at the same time and great in a winter cocktail. 

Let's talk about the food. First off their meat and cheese board. Some of the best in Leeds, the Christmas version includes slow roast turkey fillet, iberico blot and house smoked duck. The duck smoked with the orange is the best- a must have to try!! 

Next, how about a parsnip croquette with sage alioli. A play on the traditional croquette- these were utterly delicious! Can I have three more please?   

Next, something that is truly festive and wintery, a nice lovely hot mini jacket potato with idiazabla cheese. A little mini treat from heaven. 

Oh course, one of the best joys to celebrate Christmas- chistorra sausages with bayonne ham and pickle ketchup. Not traditional, but still great in taste. 

If that doesn't take your fancy, you need to try the Turkey ala plancha with romeo sauce. Very delicious- again I could have had about 2 more of these to keep me going. 

Finally we finished off the evening with Baked Basque style cheesecake with PX raisins. Now I love cheesecake. THIS cheesecake was something that I had never tried before. It was creamy, sweet but savoury at the same time. The perfect finish to the evening. 

Well, not quite perfect- until I got eggnog. I love eggnog- it's one of my favorite import from America. I love the coffee version at Starbucks, so when I was offered the opportunity to have my favorite festive drink with an added extra- I could not say no! It was delicious, creamy and sweet but warming with the added cinnamon.

I am so excited for this festive season and Pintura is certainly a place you should all checkout if you fancy somewhere special for celebrating. 


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