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18 November 2015

Ancient Ruins | Jerash

Be prepared to escape to a whole new world....

My Jordanian adventure had now taken me to the ancient city of Jerash; a Roman ruin in the heart of Jordan. In the middle of the modern day Jerash, the city is the largest Roman ruin in the world- the buildings are more well kept than in Rome. This is due to the fact the city was partly destroyed during an earthquake and then buried under the sand for a few hundred years. 

Walking around the site, viewing the Corinthium columns, Hadrian's Arch and the hippodrome, we found ourselves in the oval forum, a vast oval surrounded by columns. Which we girls found as the perfect shot for a photo shoot: 

The whole city of Jerash is just beautiful. And the locals are so friendly, entertaining us with our questions about their home country. 


I just cannot get over how much I love this place. I am so lucky to have visited such a lovely place! Keep an eye out for the last few Jordan posts coming your way soon! 


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