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13 November 2015

Ancient New Wonders | Jordan

 On my second day of my trip, I ticked off a tiny thing on my bucket list....

I never thought this girl from Lincolnshire would actually get to visit an Ancient Wonder/ one of the new seven Wonders of the World. It's on my bucket list, but just one of those things I added so that it would look impressive. 

Feeling blessed does not begin to describe how I felt.

Surprisingly, Petra is not that far from the Capital Amman, where we spent our first day. We spent a pleasant three hour drive through the countryside and desert, making our way to the famous landmark. 

It's hard to take in, but the second to last photo was a shot of a village/ town. Coming from a well developed country, it's hard to take in that these are homes to families- it makes you feel very lucky for the circumstances you were born into. 

After a journey through the desert, we were almost at our destination....

But not without a pit- stop at a historical site.

We arrived at Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses) the nearest city to where we were heading. The town is host to a very important site, the spring of Moses' water. Legend has it that this is the site Moses got water from the mountain (when he struck the rock- something did stick with me from RE lessons!) The site itself is free to visit and many people come for the healing properties the water has. 

Us Brits (+ one Greek and an Aussie) had other ideas...

Well, it is delicious water! If it was also healing I wanted to take some home with me. Unfortunately it is no longer in my fridge as L DRANK it cause he was thirsty!!! How dare he!!

We finally got on our way to our destination- can you guess where we were heading?

Are you ready for an adventure? 

Petra is just breath- taking. That's the only way to describe it. An ancient city cut out of the rock, the site is a mass of historical ruins ready to explore. Contray to what some people may think, Petra is not just the historical scene of Al Khazneh or The Treasury- but a 102 square mile area full of mystery and wonder....

The journey to the Treasury and the main part of Petra is through a long, winding path. The mountains stand proud and tall around you, and you feel a little like an explorer yourself. I would make a Indiana Jones reference here, but (confession time) I have never seen the films. So whilst the boys in our group where in their element, I was a little lost as to what the fuss was about. 

Still, that didn't stop me taking in the magic of it all. And getting some good beautifully poised photos of myself....

This shots were taken by a dear friend I made on the trip and brilliant writer David J Constable. He is a fantastic journalist and travel writer and gave me some great tips on how to make it in the writing and blogging world. You will more of his amazing shots with many more posts of the journey. 

For now, here are a few more of mine as we made our way down to the main part of Petra. 

After a while, a clearing began to show and grow; revealing a glimpse of a prize that was awaiting for us ahead...

Are you ready?

The building itself glows in a gorgeous rose gold colour, thanks to the sand and rock that makes up the building. You only have to marvel at the scenery and the craftsmanship- to think this was all done by hand. 

You really need a minute to take it all in, but don't wait too long as you still have so much more to explore.

But first, lets make some friends.

And catch up on our social networks. How on earth they managed to get WIFI in the desert I will never know!

For something truly spectacular to see in Petra, you are going to need to do some walking, lots of walking. A word of warning make sure you wear some very comfortable shoes- there is a lot of exercise to be done on this trip!! 

Oh, and be prepared to climb A LOT of steps....

So many steps....

Once you reach the top, you are rewarded. At the top of the mountain is the gorgeous monastery. Carved again into the side of a mountain, it is worth the climb. And if that wasn't enough, if you carry on walking a few more (much more) steps, you are treated to something truly special. 

I could have spent so much more time on that mountain, just reflecting and taking it all in. But time slowly crept up on us and it was time for us to head back to our hotel. 

Thank god we headed back when we did; for you see by the time we reached The Treasury again, we were all alone and the monument itself was basked in a beautiful even dusk light....

 It is a sight not to be missed in Jordan. Truly breath taking.


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