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8 October 2015

The Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle With VanDutch Yatchs*

As you may have guessed by my blog's name, I am all about living a luxury lifestyle (on the tiniest of budgets). But what if I was given the opportunity to have THE luxury lifestyle, what would it be and why....

VanDutch Yatchs is the brand when it comes to ultimate yatchs; avant- garde in design, made with the finest materials. They are the ultimate luxury brand and as part of their latest campaign they holding this exclusive bloggers competition, wanting to know about your ultimate luxury lifestyle.

Now unfortunately I don't own a yatch (but certainly would not turn down the opportunity to be given one, you know, to test for research purposes) but VanDutch wanted to know if I had the opportunity to live my ultimate luxury lifestyle, what would it be, what would it entail and why. 

Quite simply, my idea of a luxury lifestyle is travel. I love exploring new places and new cultures, and my recent travels have really had me bitten by the jet setter bug. All I want to do is travel now and write about my travels. If we were to take it to the next level, it was be luxury travel. We are talking the best hotels, most exotic locations and the best airport style outfit I could manage. The above collage gives you a hint to what I love, but not a lot of detail. So let me breakdown everything my luxury life would entail, starting with pre- flight belongings....

The first would be the luggage. I have always wanted a LV holdall and this one is just beautiful for carry on luggage. Just to be that cool girl in the airport with the ultimate arm candy. I think the dark brown trim is also much more sophisticated than their original monogram bags, just that little bit more sophisticated and original. 

Finally I have always wanted a Samsonite suitcase. Now I know what you are going to say, you don't need to spend hundreds on a suitcases, you can get other ones for a 1/3 or the price. But in my luxury lifestyle I am travelling quite a bit and that means investing in a good suitcase that will last being lugged and thrown about. This suitcase is just beautiful in design and having wheels on the four corners makes it that much more easier to move around airport security. 

So now we have the luggage, where are we going? In my head, the ultimate places I want to visit and stay at are...

St. Lucia is just one of those places that is on my dream list of places to visit. Once I win the lottery, I am heading on over to this Eden of true luxury. Just full of beaches, spa treatments and cocktails, it's somewhere I am not missing out on in this lifetime. 

I have been to New York before, but that was in university for three days and it wasn't exactly living out my Holly Golightly/ Sex and The City/ Blair Waldorf moment. Next time I am going full on Blair and stay in the best hotel you could possibly stay in. In my head it is The Plaza Athenee. I wanna stay in the best suite (I have never had a suite before) with the best views of the Upper East Side. Now all I need is my hairband... 

Bali is somewhere I want to go on holiday soon (fingers cross I can convince L to go next year). Now if i were to do it, it would not be like this; but in my luxury lifestyle, this is how I am staying in Bali. I have lusted after the Hartland Estate ever since I simply randomly googled 'luxury Bali' a few months ago. Outdoor bathroom, infinite pool, and just ultimate peace and quiet enjoying this gorgeous countryside. 

So this is my luxury lifestyle. I would be flying first class or private jet, floating around in the best swimsuits on the best yatchs (this one on the VanDutch website took my fancy). But most importantly, I would be writing about it all. Not to show off, but to inform people who are into travelling as much as I am what different places in the world there are to visit and what you can experience if you are planning a trip out there. That to me if the deffinition of my ultimate luxury lifestyle. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I thank VanDutch for letting me take part. But I would love to read about your definition of your ideal luxury lifestyle would be? leave me your comments down below, I would love to check them out. 

I just wanted to update you all my lovely readers to let you on a secret. This post was actually part of a competition and VanDutch loved my idea and I WON!!! Thank you so much to VanDutch as they are far too kind and have gifted me with a dinner for two on the 31st floor of The Shard!! I cannot wait to share this experience with you during my birthday weekend next month. Thank you again VanDutch!!


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