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6 October 2015

#TakeABubbleBreak with Bathstore*

When was the last time you had a luxurious, relaxing bath....

If I am honest I cannot remember the last time I had a bath. It's not something you really do in the summer; something you reserve for those cold winter nights of being cosy. I find though when I actually think about having a bath, the planning, time and effort that goes into making the perfect bath, sometimes I wonder is it really worth it, especially when I have a shower.

Bathstore are finding their customers are more and more are not fully embracing their bathrooms and taking advantage of me time. When life gets stress and you need to unwind, people are more likely to just sit on the sofa and watch TV; when enjoying a warm bubble bath is much more beneficial for your mind and body. 

Bathstore were kind enough to send me a pamper kit, so I could truly unwind and experience everything my bathroom could offer me. I am not the one to turn a pamper kit down, especially when it comes with a Lush Bath Bomb!! Bathstore have a few suggestions here on how to unwind and relax in your own bubble break, but here are a few of my suggestions on how to truly get away from it all....

First, pile your bath with your favourite bath bomb, salts and anything else to really get those bubbles going!! This bath bomb is amazing!! It turns your water into a big blue lagoon so I truly feel like I am still on holiday floating in the sea. 

Next I would say is clear your bathroom of distractions. Phones and water don't mix so put it in your bedroom. Get rid of those dirty clothes on the floor, anything that might distract you from truly unwinding. This is for the exception of a book book or....

... Netflix. Now I know you may think this would be distracting, but I find watching one of my all time favorite TV shows that I already have seen a few hundred times, where I don't really have to concentrate on what's really going on is really relaxing. And what is there not to love about Gossip Girl?!?

Finally light a few candles (this one in the picture smells amazing) and just relax. Don't worry about those deadlines, that fight you had with your friend. Just turn everything off that makes you feel negative and just truly relax and enjoy your me time. Switching off is not easy for me, but I find those 30 minutes in the bath are just best moments of relaxing I will get for the rest of the week. Everyone is very difference, your time might include a nice face mask, or a glass of wine. Find your niche and what makes you feel relaxed and just run with it (or rather in this case, paddle with it). 

Mr Quackason is loving his new hairdo. 

Thank you to Bathstore for my lovely pamper kit! I cannot wait for more baths in the future to really use up all the pampering pieces!


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