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27 October 2015

Edible Art With Harvey Nichols

'Cookery is naturally the most ancient of the arts, as of all arts it is the most important.'
George Ellwanger

I was so lucky and honored to be invited by Harvey Nichols to come to their Fourth Floor restaurant to experience a fine dining event like no other. 

As part of their Art of Style event, Harvey Nichols Leeds hosted a six meal dining experience prepared by chef  Ian Swainson from the restaurant The Samling. More like a story for the taste buds than just a meal, the food was a treat for the mouth and eyes. 

Prepping food is an art form in itself and we were all interesting in how Ian would interpret some of worlds iconic masterpieces onto plates...

The first being Orange, Red and Yellow by Mark Rothko. Considering this painting is one of the most expensive pieces of art in history (it sold for $80 Million) the dish had a lot to live up to. The dish certainly popped- and the balance of flavours were just perfect. 

The next meal was by a true Yorkshire treasure; David Hockney's More Felled Trees on Woldgate. First off, I love snails (yes I am that girl) but snails combined with oxtail is just perfection. It is one of my favourite dishes presentation wise of all the meals. 

The next dish took everyone by surprise. When you are presented with the idea that an interpretation of Daniam Hurst's The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living; I am not sure anyone had an idea of what they would be eating. Like all great pieces of art, this dish got us talking. 

He just looks so sad...

This next dish was just beautiful. No. 8 by Jackson Pollock is an art piece I love so I was truly excited to see what we would be eating. Simply described as duck, carrot and spinach, the dish itself was not simple in the slightest. The duck was cut to perfection and each dish was individually designed for each dinner. The best tasting dish of the day.

The first of the desserts was the prettiest and most delicate of all the dishes. Vanilla Sky by Monet was a not- so- simple, simple lemon posset (with a hint of bazil) and a 'vanilla sky' vinaiggrette. Very sweet and very tasteful. 

And the final dish, which we were all very excited how this would be interpreted onto a plate. Ian's favourite piece of work: Melting Clocks by Dali. This was just beautiful, the clock was so on point with the artwork and the brandy snap gave added texture to the dish. 

I have to thank Harvey Nichols Leeds again for inviting me to such a lovely event. It was the perfect event for a foodie like me. Be sure to check out their website for more events happening in the store. 

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