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21 October 2015

Dinner At Bar Soba*

The cold winter nights are finally rolling in, but fear not! For when you cannot be bother to cook, I know a great place that is perfect for some comfort grub....

I was recently invited to the introduction to Bar Soba's new menu launch and could not wait to try out some good food! The menu was inspired by Asian street food vendors and the dishes are so unique for the area. The location of Bar Soba is on Merrion Street, which is becoming very fast a popular place to hang for locals. 

As we slid into our seats we were greeted with some delicious cocktails (do NOT lick the red stuff!!). Soon the food arrived starting with these beauties, Beef War Tip dumplings. Very traditional, but very different at the same time.

The next dish is something I am still lusting over to this day: Aromatic Red Duck. Malaysian duck leg confit, tangy red curry sauce, lychee, Asian greens, crispy rice blocks and lotus root crisps. This would certainly get rid of any cold lurking around with all the delicious spice and is the perfect comfort dish for those cold winter nights. For anyone who wants something different or a Christmas party, this is certainly worth checking out... 

Some how managing to find room for dessert (don't ask how that was achieved) we tried some amazing deep fried (enough said) coconut bananas with salt peanut caramel ice- cream. I wanted a tub of that ice cream purely for emergencies at home to secretly tuck into. The menu itself was the perfect comination, good job Bar Soba! 

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