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5 October 2015

Bar De Pla | Barcelona

For our final supper in Barcelona (cue uncontrollable crying at the thought of no more Barcelona posts), we took recommendations from the locals and found a little place in the city that was truly special and completely not what we were expecting...

It may not look like much, but Bar De Pla offers some seriously good tapas. Advised by a barista at Satan's Coffee Corner, we made our way down Carrer Montcada where we were offered drinks while we waited outside in the cool summer air for our place at the bar to be ready. The place itself looks dated but don't let that put you off giving the menu a few minutes or hours narrowing down the dishes you really want to try. 

It's like picking my favorite child as to which dish was more delicious than the others...

Was it the exploding octopus balls? Large croquettes filled with octopus and spicy chili? I mean they were fantastic and I could have munch down on a few more if I had a bigger stomach, but like Goldilocks my search continued...

The sizzling beef strips? I mean, who can resist steak, especially when it is seasoned to perfection and is cook so perfect that the meat just melts? But again, not the one. And so the ordering continued.

And as if by magic I found it. The best tuna tartare I have ever had. Filled with local flavours it was just perfect and not like any other tapas I have ever had or seen in Barcelona. I still have dreams about the tartare and am tempted to see if I can recreate it soon as a recipe on the blog.

Now forgive us, but it was our last night and they were offering French toast on the dessert menu. This was a lot different to other French toast I have tasted, it had it's own Spanish twist on it. No one should miss this place if visiting Barcelona and I am not sure if enough people know about it. It doesn't have its own Facebook page or Twitter, so it is truly a secret only the locals know about. 

I am so sad that my Barcelona journey has come to an end. It truly was an experience and nice for L and I to send time together. If you have missed any post from this Barcelona series, you can check them out here. And don't be sad that this is the end of post on travelling for the blog; I have a few posts from being back in the UK for you guys to read before I take you on a journey of my travels to the Middle East. Keep an eye out and also follow me on Twitter or Instagram for instant updates once the posts are live and ready. 

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