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1 September 2015

The Body Shop Spa of The World Collection*

 Ladies and gentleman, who's up for a day at the spa?

This post was meant to be up a lot sooner than this, but as usual in my world, lift caught up. No matter, because thanks to The Body Shop, I managed to find the perfect collection that I can unwind and melt the stresses of the week away with. I was invited to my local The Body Shop to come and see their new collection and awaken my senses. Grabbing my camera and putting on my favorite lipstick- I hopped out of the door and was on my way to explore the world...

Yes The Body Shop is back with the ultimate collection of products. Going back to basics, brown bottles to protect the product and sourcing the right ingredients from around the world to make sure that it is doing it's job correctly, this collection is all about feeling like a princess (or prince- The Body Shop's most popular customer are men most of the time) in the comfort of your home. 

There are three different rituals you can treat your body to, each with their own unique selling point designed to truly indulge the body. First is Relaxing- for when you are feeling tense and need to de- stress and reconnect with your mind. The five products you need to use in order are African Ximenia Scrub, Himalaya Charcoal Body Clay, Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath, Japanese Camellia Cream and finally French Lavender Massage Oil. The Japanese Camellia Cream is one of the best body butters I have tried. More of a whipped mouse than a cream it is thick and super hydrating- something that I am definitely investing in for Winter!

Next is the Revitalising ritual, for when you truly need a pick me up. The three products you need to use in this ritual are the Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay and Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil. The Dead Sea Salt Scrub is my hero product, I have never used a scrub that has been so effective and get is not harsh. Sure there is grit in there to truly lift the dead skin away, but it is full of oils that hydrate the skin at the same time. My advice is to apply the scrub to dry skin for a real soft, notice me skin.

The final ritual, if you haven't slipped into a restful, spa coma after the first two, is the Blissful ritual. A truly pampering, me time ritual, it is perfect little bit of luxury to add to your life (or the perfect gift for that doting mother of yours!) The products in this ritual are Polynesian Monoi Beauty Oil, Hawaiian Kukui Cream and Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil. The Polynesian Monoi Beauty Oil is the perfect addition to treat your body with, so subtle and soothing for you.

I ended up getting the Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay; the clay is designed to firm and sculpt your body (hello holiday beach body!). I also got a free body butter in my goody bag at the event (Virgin Mojito- utterly gorgeous!!)  and overall, had a great time getting to know the products and learning more about the collection.

Have you tried The Body Shop's new Spa of The World Collection? What do you think of it?

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