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28 September 2015

Parks and Recreation

Sometimes with holidays, you feel the need to really pack everything in. But every now and then you need to go off the beaten track and have a wonder in the city you are exploring...

This is where L and I found ourselves on our forth day. Having want to see more of Gaudi's amazing creations, we headed up to the beginning of Barcelona's mountain range to Park Guell. The backstory to the park is kind of an interesting one: Count Eusebi Guell purhased the land intending to create modern and interesting housing site. Guell hired architect of the time Gaudi to turn his dream into a reality. 

Ultimately the housing site was a failure as no one wanted to purchase a plot, but the site held elements of Gaudi's early naturalism work which ultimately went on to inspire his two famous apartment blocks and La Sagrada  Familia. Interestingly though there were two houses that were built on the sight and none were by Gaudi!! 

The sight to Gaudi's architecture does cost and when we arrived there were such long queues. You can pay to go, but I would recommend not paying and exploring the surrounding areas, not only do you get to see some of Gaudi's work, explore some gorgeous countryside and really unwind in the beauty of it all....

Also very quick warning- this post is very photo heavy. It was too beautiful not to share with you all!!

Along the winding paths you will find vendors selling produce and trinkets, artist showing off their work and local music really spicing up the atmosphere of the park.

Also, selfie sticks are huge in Barcelona. You seriously cannot get away from them.

The park also hosts Gaudi's very famous pink house, which you can go inside and have a nosy around. However my boyfriend and I were very Gaudi- out by this point and I forgot to pack snacks; so I had a very hungry boyfriend on my hand (which is basically the point between a toddler being okay and then suddenly having a full on melt down). We decided to have some lunch and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I have previously talked about visiting La Boqueria (Barcelona's oldest market place) so we decided to grab some local bites from the area and head to another famous park in Barcelona to chill and relax. 

We sat on one of the grassy areas of Parc de la Ciutadella, which is to North East to the city, which is a large park area that contains a zoo, museum, a small lake and a very large fountain designed by Joseph Fontsere (but it is suspected that a possible very famous Cantabrian architect worked on it also... 

The fountain is gorgeous and huge! It's almost like a large lake with a bridge around the side of it. Called the Cascada, it was designed to roughly resemble the Trevi Fountain in Rome. There's what looks like two giant crabs and the stairs make up the crabs pincers. There is small viewing point and another very famous statue of Venus standing on an open clam. It's amazing piece of art and a great place of outfit pictures. 

After this, L and I headed back to the hotel to chill and get ready for some very yummy dinner. But more on that later, this post is getting far too long! 


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