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2 September 2015

Key Essentials For A Meat's And Cheese Board

When all else fails for dinner (i.e. I cannot be bothered to cook), this set up is my idea of a perfect night in....

This looks fancy, but is so simple to put together. It feels much more sophisticated than having a ready meal and is the perfect idea for if you are planning a dinner party. The best thing about doing a meat and cheese board is that there are not really any rules, but there are some key essentials that you may want to bare in mind when planning. Lucky for you, I have created this post to ensure that it is a simple processes- allowing you to concentrate on enjoying yourself.

A Mixture of Textures is Key
You can mix different types of cheeses together, but ensure you don't have too many of a similar texture or flavour on one board (too many soft cheeses, too many smokey cheeses, etc) If this is your favorite then fair be; but I would always encourage you to be adventurous and go for one of each type. This is the same for the meats too- variety is the spice of life after all!! 

Always Have Sparkling Water at the Table
It cleanses the palette and just looks really fancy, elevating your night with that extra special touch. If you really don't like sparkling water, then have some water with lemon wedges in it at hand. 

Never Have Any Other Wine Than Red
Okay I lied. There is one rule, and you have to follow it to have the true experience. Red wine is the best wine to have when you are having cheese and meats- white is somewhat acceptable and rose is a big no no. The best to try are a Shiraz, it has a spicy peppery note in the aftertaste that goes well with the cheese and meats. 

Always Add Extra 
You cannot really just have meat and cheese on it's own. I like to have some sun-dried tomatoes to hand, some black olives and dipping oil for bread to mix it up. I normal stick to a french baguette for bread, but you may try some others such a flat bread, ciabatta; maybe something with added flavor. 

*Did not notice that annoying white thing on my eyelid until the photo was enlarge...

I hope you enjoy your own meats and cheese board night. If you take any pictures, be sure to tag me in them on Instagram or Twitter so I can be nosy! 


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