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18 September 2015

Coffee With Nomad | Barcelona

When you love coffee and are dating a Barista, a quick stop at Starbucks just will not do when you are exploring a new country. L had got many recommendations from his boss who is constantly visiting Barcelona and Nomad was just on of them. 

Now L's boss has never been able to find where Nomad is located (you can find it on Passatge Sert) You have to keep your eyes super peeled out for it (and do not listen to your boyfriend when he PROMISES you that it is not too far from Passeig de Gracia. It really is far away!) because if you are not careful you will pass it's secret location and not even realise. 

This little place is both a roster (place which roasts the beans to make coffee) and serves some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. A basic but brilliant menu, you will struggle if you need to add syrups to every coffee. The place itself is incredibly friendly and welcoming; L was chatting up a storm with the fellow Barista's and I met a lovely girl called Celeste Wong- aka The Girl in The Cafe. Not only can she knock up a decent Areopress but she also has a great blog and sells the most amazing coffee related t shirts (look here on her blog for more information.)

We drank so much coffee. If I was to recommend anything try it would be the ice latte and also ask you give the lemonade coffee. Its a mixture of two different types of coffee and lemonade. I personally could not get pass the taste but it was interesting to start with and I don't know of any other places that offered this beverage so you would be crazy not to try.

Nomad can be found here on Twitter, it is worth checking them out if you are in Barcelona. 


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