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11 September 2015

Burgers With Le Coq & The Burg | Barcelona

Tapas is all good when you are in Spain, but everyone know and then- this girl needs a burger. Thank god there is a place in Barcelona that is serving some of the best in the city....

Tuck away on Av. de Gaudi and not too far from La Sagrada Famillia, Le Coq and The Burg have an unconventional way of taking your orders. You are given the menu, and you tick the preference of your burger, what type of burger you want, extras and drinks all on one sheet. It's quite genius if you think about 100% you are going to get what you want and no mistakes to be made by the waiters/ waitresses. 

I went for the burger 'done' (I like to make sure my burger is not alive, unlike the boyfriend who has his almost mooing on his plate). I had my topped off with Brie and accompanied with the fries with rosemary and salt. These were some of the best fries I have ever tasted, definitely worth a second visit just for them. The juices too are pretty tasty (one thing I love about Barcelona, a constant supply of fresh fruit juices). The service wasn't the best I have ever received, the poor waitress was a little rushed off her feet and seemed to be taking it out on the customers, a little too snappy and blunt for my liking. The burgers were good (how could it not be when it is covered in Brie?) but nothing that wowed me, which was a shame with the hype that was around it. 

I will be adding it to the google map I will be making at the end of the Barcelona posts so you can find it on the map- you need to try the fries. Also, keep checking out my Instagram for more food pictures and my twitter for my travel updates- my first day in Jordan is today!! 

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