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22 September 2015

Brunchelona in Barcelona

I know what you are thinking; what is that delicious dish that I can see right in front of me, where can I get it from and is it as yummy as it looks? All the answers can be found right here in this mouth watering post...

This place is Instagram perfection! The second location to the first brunch place we visited on our first day in Barcelona, Travel & Cake is a lovely, large, spacious location; full of amazing food. Located on Carrer del Rossell√≥, it is the perfect place to stop for brunch before a day of sightseeing, as you can see me planning down to a T below...

How pretty is this location?!?

The french toast was divine!! I mean it came with an ice cream on top of it!! L went for the turkey, poached eggs and a hot dog!! The food really gets you talking, eating not just with your mouth but your eyes and nose as well. If you are going to Barcelona, this is a place you cannot miss out on! You will be kicking yourself if you do! 

Be sure to check in tomorrow for a fashion/ style post- following on with what we got on with after this brunch! 


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