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30 September 2015

Brunch At Caravelle & Beach Day! | Barcelona

After having some amazing tapas food at this place, it was a no- brainer that we needed to check them out for brunch...

Caravelle is a gorgeous place to have food within the evening, and when we spotted their brunch menu we knew we had to come back. Greeted with a warm welcome, we set ourselves in the window and I frantically tried to search for an angel to provide me coffee...

Such a perfect person brewing me up the caffeine!

Do you know the sign of a good barista? Even when you that sleepy and ask them to do something they would never, ever do (aka make an extra large latte), they still do it to utter perfection.

I couldn't go to Spain and not have baked eggs. These were amazing, filled with perfectly cooked eggs and chesse. I could have had a couple more of these dishes!! It was the perfect lazy brunch in a beautiful city, and wanting to keep the lazy, relax attitude going; we decided to hit the beach. 

Now I need to apologies for the blurriness of the photos, I am not sure what happened. But they are still really special shots to me, so I hope you like them and feel like you are relaxing on the beach with us. 

For something more picturesque photo, here is my favourite beach shot from my Instagram account:

A photo posted by Ellenor (@ellenorsworld) on

I hope you enjoyed this post and found the food delicious to look at! I am so glad that we found Caravelle in Barcelona, it is such a good place to visit and such amazing food we found!


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