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4 September 2015

A Tour Of The Arts | Barcelona

Today's post is a very cultural, touristy and hist based post. It is also very photo heavy, so get yourself a cuppa and a snack, set yourself up comfy- we are in it for the long run....

First I would like to give you some happy bag news update! If you have not read my brief introduction to my holiday in Barcelona, you will know I have been having issues with some lost luggage. At the time I was writing the previous post I had been promised that it would be delivered that day and it had still not arrived (this was about 11.30pm). We woke up the next day to still no luggage being delivered. Yet again we got on the phone to Easy Jet Holiday where I ended up speaking to the same guy I spoke to yesterday. After him apologising over and over again as he had promised me it would be delivered yesterday (poor David) he was back on the phone with the people who had the luggage. I am happy to say thanks to David's hard work, we were reunited with our bags within two hours of the call, so happy days all around!!

Though I am going to write a thank you email to David's manager for his hard work in sorting this mess out for us, I do want to say a public thank you to him. He was the only person who stuck to his promises and when something did not happen, he was on it straight away. Thank you David, I am happy to have my clothes back again!!

Prior to this, I was still stuck without the majority of my clothes and shoes (no sandals, hence the horrible plain black flats in the photos- got to make it work!) L and I threw on what we had, wolfed down some breakfast and headed for our first stop of the day- La Sagrada Familia; Barcelona's iconic building. We had pre- booked the tickets online to avoid the horrible queues (do it if you can, cheaper and such less hassle of queuing!) and hopped onto the Metro to get there in the quickest time possible. I was epecting a little bit of a walk before I would see this magnificent building, but this was generally the first thing I saw when I came out of the Metro station....

I apologise now for all the portrait photos, but there is simply no way of fitting in this buildings beauty in landscape mode. Gaudi's finest and most worked upon landmark, the La Sagrada Familia is an incomplete church (not a cathedral as a bishop needs to be seated for it to be one) which honours the Holy Family and combines religion with nature. With the usual stamp from Gaudi, the building is iconic and a must view for anyone coming to Barcelona.

My neck hurt a lot after a few minutes in there. Be prepared to spend a good hour in the building and wear comfy shoes, there are not a lot of places to sit down.

Please do not miss an opportunity to see this place, it's honestly one of the best landmarks I have visited in a while (it beats the Eiffel Tower- now I will never be allowed back into Paris!) and if you are into art and the Art- Deco era, it will get your creative juices flowing. 

If you fancy a little more 1920's architecture in your life then head on down Av. De Gaudi all the way to the top (it's a strait line and a great street to walk down) where you will find the most impressive hospital that has ever been built...

More like a city than a modernised hospital for the 1920's, Hospital de Sant Pau is the worlds largest Art Nouveau site and great place to see some of the city. Designed by modern architect Lluis Domenceh i Montaner, the site contains nearly 27 indervidual buildings and was a functioning hospital until 2009. Now undergoing restoration- it is open several times of the day to come and take in the history of this iconic site; and a great place for some outfit photos!

Shorts | H&M (nicer ones here)
Watch | Daniel Wellington
D Ring | New Look
Bag | Michael Kors

I am leaving the post here for now, I don't want to keep you too long and bore you! I will be doing a mixture of post's next week of what I have been up to and places I have visited, along with restaurant, cafe and food recommendations. I am also thinking of creating a map of all the locations I have been to, just in case one of you guys wanted to visit and needed directions. Please tell me what you think of this idea and I will get right on it! 


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