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8 September 2015

A Coffee With Satan | Barcelona

If you are on the Les Ramblas in Barcelona and fancy taking a walk on the devilish side; take a turn along one of the back streets and keep heading until you reach a corner where you will sin by drinking deliciously evil coffee and will not feel sorry about it.....

This place has no time for nonsense, a place that takes the art of coffee very seriously. Don't expect any syrups to be available and soy is only on offer if you are allergic to dairy. Tucked away on Carrer de l'Arc de Sant Ramon dell Call, Satan's Coffee Corner is a beautiful spot to sip on a cold brew or in the pictures bellow Affogato to help take the edge off the hot Barcelona weather (so hot!). 

Don't worry though there is nothing bad about the coffee in this place (other than how bad it is going to be for your heart when you drink so much of it), the coffee is seriously good and as someone who is not up on their coffee game like her man; even I can taste the difference. Be prepared to wait for your drink and too right, this is no St*****ks (apologies for swearing coffee lovers) you coffee is going to take time to be made and when it is done it will be delicious! Also don't be caught out it is cash only. The perfect spot to sit and watch the happenings of the Spanish alleyways, or grab an independent magazine and take a peak at what the cool kids are reading these days. 

Satan's is open Monday- Friday 10.00am- 6.00pm. Be sure to check back in a day's time where I will add a link to a google map so you can see where it is (much easier than using the paper version and getting lost!) 

Have you been to Satan's? What did you think of it? 


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