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3 September 2015

A Brief Introduction to Barcelona

Buenos días mis encantadores lectores de magnífica de Barcelona!!!

I am finally in Spain!! Barcelona is such a gorgeous city and already L and I are dreading on heading home. Today's post is a small introduction to Barcelona, as our trip did not quite start we wanted for our holiday.

I don't normally like to complain about things on the blog but I think this just shows the difference between good customer service and poor customer service. For whatever reason our luggage got lost. It's nobody's and these things happen I truly accept that. However what I don't accept is the level of service my boyfriend and I received afterwards. After four calls of repeating the same information and being promised call backs; it took me to take over the phone and demand the poor advisor to drag his manager out of a meeting for anyone to light a rocket up their butts and get things moving (David from Easy Jet Holidays- you were great and I am really sorry if I took any of my anger out on you) After speaking to David, who did call back immediately as he promised unlike the rest of the advisors, we were told our luggage had been found and would be dropped off at the hotel as soon as possible.

To this exact moment (I am writing this late in the evening of that day) our luggage has still not been dropped off- hence the lack of nice outfit photographs. I am not an unreasonable person and I understand things happen and there are certain actions that I would like, such as a personal shopper from Zara to drop off an entire new wardrobe for me, are not feasible. What I hate, is when promises or guarantees are made and they are not committed to. Don't guarantee me something if it is not possible. 

Rant over, I promise I will get my luggage issue sorted soon! Now lets look at the beautiful sunshine that greeted us when we woke up on our first day of our holiday...

I lied. It was absolutely pissing it down with rain. I am not sure what happened, I left rainy England and somehow it followed me. It better not follow me to Jordan, I need some sunshine this summer! 

This did not stop L and I though from getting our brunch on. We had heard a lot about the food scene here in Barcelona from friends who had been previously and from many a night scrolling through blog post after blog post for the photo- worthy places to eat. I had come across this place thanks to Essie Button's vlogs when she visited here this summer and decided to convince L to give Brunch and Cake a go. Making like the locals, we sat outside under a cover awning, ordered as much food and drink as we could muster and patiently waited.

When our neighbours food came out on shovels, we got slightly nervous as to what our food might come out on! 

Eggs Benedict// Avocado Hollandaise// Smoked Salmon// Waffle// Salad

Doesn't it look delicious?!? I was a bit put off first by it (a little too hipster for me) Smoked salmon works so well with eggs, but combined this with a sugary waffle, yer I was not quite sure. Now that I contemplate back on it, it did work, though it left me feeling very full!! Right or wrong, at least the food had a lasting impression on me. L and I are planning to head to the sister location Travel and Cake, which is apparently much bigger, so I am hoping to do a whole post on the place soon! 

Even though it was forecast to be cloudy, the sun finally smashed it's way through and the weather took a turn for the better. We headed back to the hotel for a quick outfit change and made our way out into the city again. Due to the malfunction, this day was purely about getting our barrings and knowing where everything is. After a few odd turns we found ourselves surprisingly on La Rambla. Popular to both tourist and locals, it is just one big street when you can walk a good chunk of the city and it is a central road for anyone wanting to head for the harbour. For the foodies however you are going to want to turn left just after Carrer Del Carme and head into La Boqueria, one of the worlds oldest public markets and the sight of the one of the first ever tapas bar...

Prices here are ridiculously cheap and the smells and sights of all the good food!!!

This is Pinotxo Bar, one of the oldest tapas bars and apparently serves some of the best around. It is so hard to get a seat and not wanting to waste anymore of the day (fingers cross a post soon on it!), my travelling companion and I headed further into the market....

Now if you are ever in the market, you need to come and see this friendly face for some delicious food! The place is called Roastsseria Ramon and they serve some amazing traditional food that originate from the Catalonia region of Spain (and make sure you ask for this guy as he was a delight!) 

The rest of the day was spent wondering down to the harbour in a heated daze (I seriously forgot what humidity does to my hair...) I am sorry guys this wasn't the best start- of- my- holiday- post that I was hoping to do, but these things happen. Hopefully you will enjoy tomorrows as it will be a seriously foodie post and be sure to keep an eye out for a post on a visit to Barcelona's famous building.....

P.S L and I are still taking in suggestions for places to eat, mainly breakfast/ lunch and coffee shops. If you have any suggestions or know anyone who has some great recommendations, please share this post and comment below! Alternatively, let me know about them through Twitter, tagging me with my username @ellenorsworld. 

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