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7 August 2015

Why I Prefer Blogging In Public

Blogging is not my full time job, which means I use my spare time to work on post, go to events and take pictures. Whilst I work at my diningroom table, on my bed or sat on my sofa; sometimes I need a different environment in order to get into the blogging zone...

Every now and then I work outside of my flat, anywhere that provides plug sockets and free wifi. There are several benefits to working outside my comfort zone, one I get to have an endless supply of coffee that I don't have to make myself and don't feel guilty about (my logic is that I am taking their space, surely I can pay in caffeine drinks!) The other part of my logic is that as there are strangers staring at me (unusual to see someone with a laptop outside their house) I am much more productive and get on with the work- no distractions and a need to act nonchalant to any praying eyes! 

There are downsides to this though. Firstly when I have a moment of spontaneous photographing of products, you cannot really set a photo shoot up in your local cafe. Secondly, you are sometimes limited to your blogging spots- there is not an endless supply of cafes that provide plugs and wifi. Be prepared to be recognised and asked questions on what you are doing. Lucky for me, my boyfriend is known in the coffee world here in Leeds so most of the baristas know me and what I do, but if you are shy about your work it can be intimidating. 

Sometimes it is fun to have a Sex and The City moment and act like Carrie Bradshaw. My favourite places to get my groove on in Leeds are Roast and Conch, La Bottega Milanese, Mrs Athas and Pret A Manger


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