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22 July 2015

Spending the Day With #TheCityGirls*

What happens when you put a load of Yorkshire bloggers in the same room? Well read on to find out...

So ages back I got invited the to the first The City Girls event which was being held in Sheffield, but unfortunately I was unable to make it. After fellow bloggers started to put up their posts on the day, I was majorly jealous that I didn't go!!

Thank god when last month I received an email asking me to come to The City Girls event that was being help in Leeds; FINALLY a chance to go!! I made no plans for that day and looked forward to meeting fellow bloggers from the North. 

The event itself was being help at The Liquorist (such a gorgeous place and yes! There will be a post on the place soon!) I rocked not knowing anyone there but keen to make new friends.

As mentioned a little, the idea behind the day was to not only bring Yorkshire bloggers together to meet and network, but also to introduce us to brands who were interested in working with bloggers and the opportunity to introduce us to products that we could take home and test out. If we like them, we review them! Good press for the brand and more exposure to us as bloggers- what could be better?! 

It was also a time for giving back, as during the event we were able to buy tickets for a charity raffle where we were raising money for Leeds Women Aid. All together we raised £240.00 and thanks also to Aviva UK; who doubled the money and a total of £480.00 was raised for the charity!! Giving back is always better than receiving!!

I also became Insta-famous, as THIS photo went viral on the VOSS Water Instagram account!!

A shout out has to go to Lorna (her blog is amazing!) and Holly (again, another beautiful blog!) for bringing this event together. Without their hard work and determination to start The City Girls; I would not had met such lovely people, tried and taken home some gorgeous goodies, seen some new products before they came out in the shops (keep an eye out for the product in the above photo- smells gorgeous and is being released into stores sooooon....) but more importantly; allowed me to make the connects to create some amazing content for my blog. Seriously guys, thank you for the opportunity to make these connections!! 

The brands that I met/ got to view were:

The Body Shop
Manuka Doctor
Benefit Cosmetics
Zack Nearly
Stress Free Print
Good Relations PR
Nails by Ivy

I also had the honour of receiving fashion credentials and won a 50% voucher for Second Threads!! The site has such gorgeous clothing; I already have a wish list saved ready for pay day!! All I am saying is- oversize window pane check shirt!! 

This is just some of the items I received from the event. Seriously, far too much for me to keep and I am going to be running another beauty giveaway very soon. If you are interested in the products that were in the goodie bags that were taken home, here is the list:

Awesome Merchandise Goodie Bags
VOSS Water Bottle and USB Stick
Pop Chips Packet
Oates and Co Candle Holder
Beauty Crowd Discount Voucher
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Twig and Dot Candle
Michael O'Mara Can't Sleep Colouring Book
Plewsy Illustrated Card
Manuka Doctor Bee Vermon Products
Virtue Ice Tea Drink
Wilkinson Sword Razor
Kiss The Moon Bath Oil
Oloves Packet
GOSH Eyeliner | Superdrug
Tangle Angel De- tangling Hairbrush 
Bubbleology Free Bubble Tea Voucher
Seventh Heaven Face Mask
Urban Fruit Packet
Paul Mitchell Minis
Angelica Nail Polish
Together Health Vitamin Packet
Brown & Blond Brownies
Dusty Girls Lipgloss
MooGoo Moisturiser and Mini Face Wash
Pastille £5.00 Off Voucher
Balmi Lipbalm 
Derma V10 Selection Box
Yorkshire Tea (is there any other kind?)

I am so excited to review and let you guys know about some amazing new brands that I had no idea about and are absolutely loving! Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for up and coming content!! Also keep an eye on my Twitter for more updates and product reviews!! 

Thank you again to The City Girls for inviting me and all the brands that made an appearance and their contribution! 


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