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6 July 2015

My Thai

Are you ready to visit one of the best Thai restaurants in Leeds?

Thailand is one of the best holidays I have ever been on with my family. I went when I was 18 and it changed my outlook on life and just how amazing our world is; with many different people, cultures and lifestyle. It also has such good food, something I have come to terms with that I will never find anything as tasty and as authentic in UK ever. 

Until now.....

My Thai is a fantastic little restaurant that can be found on Wade Lane near the Merrion Centre in Leeds City Centre. Fairly new to the food scene (or I am just late discovering it) it is a fantastic little place with limited seating and big bowls of mouthwatering treats. 

Much like its neighbour Fuji Hiro (click here to see review on the place!) it has the perfect recipe for success. Back to basics, no fancy dining, just good food and good company; how authentic Asian food should be!

Prices are CHEAP!! I mean talk about value for money!! Take away your food for a fiver, or eat in for an additional £1.00. There is also a foodie menu, for those who love food to try some alternative Thai dishes. 

I no going to lie, I was a little disappointed I could not find a particular dish I had in Thailand. Chicken Thigh Coconut Curry, I remember it being so delicious and nourishing. I had it in an unusual restaurant call Cabbages and Condoms in Bangkok (that is it's name and it has such a lovely store behind it!) I was sad it wasn't on the menu, but that did not stop me enjoying the dishes I picked out!!

Steamed Pork Dumplings, we nearly order 2 more plates of these!! 

Spring Rolls, crispy, soft in the middle and utterly delicious!!

For the life of me I cannot remember what L ordered (I will add it if I can remember!!) but my dish is the one I would recommend everyone to order!! Sukhothai Duck Noodle Soup, skinny rice noodles, duck, vegatables and duck broth.

The aromatic warm smoke that comes up as soon as that big bowl is put in front of you instantly makes your mouth drool. Warning, the bowls are BIG (told you it was value for money!!) so you will feel full very quickly. The skinny noodles get every little last big of the broth that is just warming in your stomach. 

Honestly, I say this about many places in Leeds, but My Thai is somewhere you need to try if you come here. You can only pay in cash (again with its small place charm) and it's a welcome part of the Leeds food movement. 

If you cannot make it outside you home down to the restaurant, there is good news for you!! Delivero, a new delivery service here in Leeds will actually go and pick up the food for you and bring it to you in the comfort of familiar surroundings. So now you have no excuse to order a cheap, greasy takeaway when you have the opportunity of great Thai food to be delivered right to your door!!

Have you been to My Thai? What do you think of it? 


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