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9 July 2015

Meeting The Authority of Eyewear*

Are you ready to see a sunglasses freak go crazy, like a child in a candy store?

I get excited for most invites to events or store openings, but nothing compares yet to how excited I was for the opening of Cutler and Gloss' new store in Leeds Victoria Quarter. The building it self is an old place that was once home to the Empire Palace Theatre. Now it is a glistening up market shopping centre; my own mecca of retail bliss. 

Back to the main event, I was excited to hear about the opening of a new Cutler and Gloss store outside of London. Founded in 1969, they are the authority when it comes to making perfect glasses that are unique to you. Seriously, like a style but want a different colour? They will do it. Want a pair to fit your face perfectly? That they can do too. When we say up market luxury, we mean up market luxury to the next level. 

And the best way to begin the celebrations of a new store? Well, high tea oh course! 

I have seriously obsession with high tea so I was totally in my element. I also had the privileged  of sitting next to Marie Wilkinson who is Head of Design for the brand. This lady is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. She has such a passion for eye wear and it really shows. We spoke for hours about all different topics to do with fashion, glasses, media, even food; with myself recommending a place for coffee the next morning! 

Serious sunglasses envy happening right now!! And glasses envy!! I looked at my plain black ones in my bag and seriously hated them right there and then compared to these ultimate BAEs!! Cutler and Gloss' new collection is inspired by the circus. Whether you are the ring leader, trapeze artist or the tightrope walker; there is a pair for you and your style. 

My favourite pair in the store!! So art deco and amazing!! I just fell in love with them and desperately wanted to add them to my collection (can be found here on the website.

A group shot of the fantastic ones that attended the opening. This was one of those nights where I felt truly blessed that my blog allows me to be invited to these events and a chance to meet some amazing lovely people. 

Prices for Cutler and Gloss start from £300 and can increase to anything; depending on bespoke and uniqueness (a custom pair has known to cost £1500). For something this high quality (made in their own factory in Italy) it is worth the investment. 

Thank you again to Cutler and Gloss and Beyond Bespoke for inviting me to the store opening! 


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